Remain seated, please. Permanecen sentados, por favor.


One week from today, I will be packing up my car and heading east. 16 hours later I will be in my new home: Walt Disney World. Ok, I will not exactly live at Disney but I will be directly behind the Magic Kingdom and seeing fireworks from your front porch is pretty close.

26711240134_e019ebb47a_oMy Disney story is long (and for another post )but here are the most important facts. I finished my second College Program in Entertainment in 2015  (if you dont know about the college program click here for more info) and I have been on a quest to return. Disney is my happy place. So I am going back. I’ve officially been offered my dream job in VIP Tours.

Unless you are a big Disney buff, you probably havent heard of VIP Tours before but I am positive you have seen a tour guide or two walking around the park. Tour guides rock the traditional iconic plaid with their sensible black shoes. They are so well known by their vests that many frequent visitors have taken to calling them “plaids.” Guest Relations have matching outfits so they can become interchangabe but the tours will be my new home.

Source: Disney

VIP Tours is a special experience for guests. They currently offer two options. The first option is the traditional tour experience. This is for up to 10 people and for at least 7 horus. You hire a guide that can take you around the resort including all 4 parks. They are you walking map who are there to help make your dreams come true. You can be in charge as much as you want or leave all the planning to your guide. The second option are new tours called the Ultimate Tours. There are many varieties of these for guest who want to go on different adventures around the resort. Some options are for adventure seekers or for families with small children. There are also seasonal options added for holidays and new tours coming that cater to specific fan groups, like Star Wars.

The best thing about both these tours are that you get to spend your day with a living and breath Disney knowledge bank. Your tour guide gives you more than just access to attractions; they tell you the story of the resort as you experience it. Just as Walt intended.

I cannot wait to join this team and get to create magic again. I have wanted to be a tour guide since I was in Elementary School and saw a “plaid” in Toontown at Disneyland. The dream took a while but, like with all good things, it was worth the wait. Be on the look out for more “Disney Day” posts about my new adventure back at Walt Disney World!